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Cherwell to launch new portable Biofluorescent Particle Counter at Cleanroom Technology Conference UK 



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Cleanroom Technology Conference UK

24-25th May


Stand E8

Cherwell, specialists in cleanroom microbiology solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and related industries, will be launching a new portable Biofluorescent Particle Counter (BFPC) to the UK and Ireland at the Cleanroom Technology Conference 2023. On 24-25th May at Birmingham’s NCC on Stand E8, Cherwell will introduce the new MicronView BioAerosol Monitoring System (BAMS) which enables the rapid real-time, continuous monitoring of airborne microbes to support EU GMP Annex 1 requirements.

作为MirconView在英国的战略合作伙伴,洁净室微生物解决方案专家Cherwell,即将在2023年5月24日至25日举办的洁净室技术会议上(地点:伯明翰 / 展位号:NCC E8),面向英国和爱尔兰用户推出一款新型便携式生物荧光粒子计数仪器 ——MicronView浮游菌实时监测系统 (BAMS)。该系统可以快速、实时、连续地监测空气中的微生物,并支持欧盟GMP附件1的要求。

BAMS is the first truly portable real-time microbial monitor available and Cherwell recognises its value in continuous monitoring, real-time feedback, and trending in sterile medicinal product manufacturing environments detailed in the 2022 Annex 1 revision. The certified ISO  particle detector uses laser induced fluorescence to detect Active Fluorescent Units (AFU) and count viable microbes without need for culturing. The introduction of the BAMS rapid microbial monitoring (RMM) system means Cherwell now offers a complete environmental monitoring (EM) portfolio to meet all cleanroom microbiology needs.

BAMS是一款真正意义上的便携式实时微生物监测仪,Cherwell充分认识到其在持续监测,实时反馈以及2022附录1修订版中详细说明的无菌药品生产环境趋势的价值。该仪器通过ISO认证,利用激光诱导荧光技术检生物粒子的自发荧光单位(AFU),无需培养即可计数存活微生物。BAMS快速微生物监测 (RMM) 系统的引入让Cherwell现有环境监测产品组合更加完整,更能满足所有洁净室微生物监测的需求。

“As EM experts, we ensure that we can discuss and offer the best solution to help our customers meet stringent sterile medicinal product manufacturing standards. Adding the MicronView BAMS to our specialist product portfolio means that we can advise and offer our customers an RMM option if they feel it is appropriate for their particular EM needs,” said Emma Millburn, Director, Cherwell. “With BAMS, which can enable early detection applications, sitting alongside our other viable microbial detection and identification products, this means that we are a true ‘solution providerfor all cleanroom microbiology EM requirements.”

Cherwell董事长Emma Milburn强调:“作为环境监测专家,我们确保能持续研究并提供最佳解决方案,以帮助我们的客户满足严格的无菌药品生产标准要求。BAMS的加入意味着我们可以建议并为客户提供快速微生物监测这一选项,如果他们认为这适合特定环境的需求。BAMS可以实现趋势分析、即时检测,再加上我们已有的微生物检测、鉴定产品和服务,这将使我们成为满足各种洁净室微生物环境监测需求的真正的‘解决方案提供商’。”




Cherwell is exclusively introducing and distributing the new MicronView BAMS within the UK and Ireland. As a new RMM technology it can provide a complementary tool to traditional culture-based methods. Lightweight at just 5.8 Kg with a large touchscreen useable with latex gloves, BAMS can be easily used in many critical locations to deliver continuous, real-time results without need for staining or reagents for up to 6 hours while on battery power.

Cherwell在英国和爱尔兰独家销售的MicronView的BAMS作为一种新的快速微生物监测 (RMM)技术,它可以为传统基于细菌培养技术的方法提供补充工具。BAMS体积小、重量轻,配有可戴乳胶手套操作的超大电容触摸屏,适用于许多关键区域和位置的监测。在可充电池满载情况下,无需染色或试剂,可提供连续的实时监测结果,最长可达6小时。


“MicronView is thrilled to add Cherwell as our business partner covering the UK and Ireland. Their experience and reputation within the industry is outstanding and we know they will drive the market for our exceptional product line. In particular, they will be meeting the demand for a modern class of instruments designed to support requirements in the newly revised Annex 1,” said Jamie Diamond, Director, MicronView LLC.

Jamie added, “The use of Biofluorescent Particle Counters to support continuous monitoring, real-time feedback, and trending in classified areas is growing rapidly. These instruments have the potential to improve process understanding in the most critical manufacturing environments. Cherwell is poised to deliver this technology to their customers and MicronView is excited to support their efforts.”

MicronView LLC总监Jamie Diamond 提到我们很高兴加入Cherwell作为我们在英国和爱尔兰的业务合作伙伴,他们在行业内的经验和声誉非常出色,我们相信Cherwell将推动BAMS产品线的快速发展。特别是,BAMS将满足市场对新型仪器的需求,该产品旨在支持新修订的附件1中的相关要求。

生物荧光粒子计数 (BFPC)这一现代微生物检测方法在连续监测、实时反馈和趋势分析应用领域的需求正在迅速增长基于这一现代技术的检测仪器将有可能在关键生产环境中提高对工艺的理解。Cherwell已准备好将这项技术提供给他们的客户,MicronView很高兴能够为此提供支持!



Located in Bicester, central England, Cherwell Laboratories provides standard and bespoke cleanroom microbiology solutions that help customers effectively manage their controlled environments and processes. Established for 50 years, the company has built a strong reputation as a leading supplier of prepared microbiological media and environmental monitoring equipment, with considerable expertise within the pharmaceutical and related industries.



MicronView 通过光学和生物技术来实现快速、实时无菌环境监测,不断为食品、医药和化妆品行业的生产环境及成品提供先进的监测设备和耗材。



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